Upcoming games/tournaments for the week of September 18th

Sr Girls play Strathcona at PK on Monday at 5:00, and on Wednesday at St Albert High at 6:30
Sr Boys play Strathcona at PK on Monday at 6:30, and on Wednesday at Salisbury at 5:00
Jr Girls play at ST FX on Tuesday at 5:00 , and at A MacDonald on Thursday at 6:30
Jr Boys play Holy Trinity at PK on Tuesday at 5:00, and at A MacDonald on Thursday at 5:00


Coaching Staff:

  • Meggie Moir and Sarah Dion are coaching the senior girls

  • Travis Thompson, Kelsey Carr, Anna Lueck, Madi Sadlowski are coaching the junior girls
  • Andre Charrois, Landon Bishop and Josh Machney are coaching the senior boys
  • Ejan Bremness, Connor Dell and Graeme Scheffer are coaching our junior boys

Go to:  Metro Edmonton High School Athletic Association

  • Paul Kane High School is a member of the MetroAthletics and all of our schedules are posted there.
    Check out the schedules, results, and team standings.


Congrats to PK Junior Volleyball!
The MCHS Tournament on September 15-16 was a huge success for both teams. The boys won 5 straight to earn gold! The girls won silver as they lost the tie-breaker in the final.