Swim Team

Swim Team 2016

11 amazing swimmers went to semi finals and 10 of them have qualified for the finals!
They are amazing athletes that do our school proud!



1.      Laura Anderson

2.      Tristan Arrial

3.      Avina Danilchuk

4.      Austin Dubreuil

5.      Logan Evancusky

6.      Mack Flowers

7.      Daniel Gerlach

8.      Paige Gogowich

9.      James Graham

10.   Abi Graham

11.   Rowen Grimshaw

12.   Sara Johnson

13.   Sarah Karpyshyn

14.   Kayla Lotlin

15.   Francisco Nef

16.   Danielle Petter

17.   Matthew Unsworth

18.   Morgan Wilson


Colleen and Brandon, Player Development


Edmonton Metro High School Athletic Association

Paul Kane High School is a member of the Metro Athletics and all of our schedules are posted there.


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