Introducing STUNT the sport! 

This is a new, fast-paced sport designed to utilize the best parts of cheerleading in a game format!  Paul Kane High School has been chosen to be the first one of two schools to demo this sport here in Canada.


The game has four quarters, and three rounds in each quarter. There are two judges, one referee, and two teams at a time on the mats. The quarters are broken down by concept:

  • Quarter 1- Stunting

  • Quarter 2- Jumps and Tumbling

  • Quarter 3- Basket Tosses, Pyramids

  • Quarter 4- Combination

Teams must learn up to six routines for each quarter and each team performs the same routine at the same time.  For more information please watch the video


If you are interested in trying out for Paul Kane’s Stunt Team, please contact Mrs. Guiney.

Photos by Bryan Young