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Students New to the District

New Student Registration Form
(Kindergarten to Grade 12)

When registering for the first time at Paul Kane High School please also bring a copy of your birth certificate, and your marks from your previous school. Our Counsellors will evaluate the courses you have taken in other provinces or other countries and make sure you get credit for the equivalent courses in Alberta. 


Grade 10 Registration Package




If you are unsure about which courses to take in high school please take advantage of our Personalized Registration Service. Appointments can be made by calling our Student Services secretary at (780) 459-4405.

Please Note: Courses may change due to enrollment

GRADE 11 & 12

Grade 12 Registration Package

Students entering grades 11 and 12 should plan their course selections in a way that keeps post-secondary doors open while balancing interests, abilities and graduation requirements. Counsellors, administrators, and teachers will be available to assist students in making appropriate course selections. 

Please Note: Courses may change due to enrollment