Prepare for Scholarship/Checklist

Things to do to Prepare for Scholarships

  • Create a folder to organize scholarships by months, categories, etc.
  • Reference letters
  • Essay
  • Transcripts that are signed and validated
  • Volunteer or Community involvement
  • Know Your Alberta Student Number (9 digit)


  1. Teacher, Counsellor or Administrator
  2. Personal Reference (cannot be family member)
  3. Someone who can speak to your volunteering/community involvement.

Most scholarship applications ask for two to three references which should include:

Scholarship Application Checklist

  • Give people notice if you need a reference
  • Provide the person who is writing references with information about you and the scholarship you are applying for
  • Try to find at least one reference from someone outside school
  • Read over the scholarship application form
  • Check to make sure you do qualify for the scholarship
  • Make sure the scholarship is applicable to post-secondary institutions
  • Check the deadline - leave yourself enough time to complete the package
  • Make sure your application is legible and complete
  • Figure out all financial requirements
  • Fill in all questions or boxes
  • Transcripts are stamped and signed by school personnel
  • Attach any other forms if needed
  • Make sure you have signed and correctly dated the forms in black ink
  • Have someone proofread the form after you have completed it
  • Make a photocopy of the completed form and put it in a safe place
  • Put the correct postage on envelope and put into mail in sufficient time
  • Phone to make sure it has been received. Allow two weeks from time of mailing

Interested Students Should:

  • Attend Scholarship Workshops scheduled to assist students (these are monthly meetings)
  • Develop Scholarship Portfolios
  • Use the Awards, Bursaries, Scholarships and Student Loans information booklet - observe deadlines
  • Daily Announcements regularly include profiles of post-secondary scholarship opportunities available
  • Become aware of websites and other resources