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Principal’s Message

Congratulations to all students on a successful 2018-2019 school year. We are looking forward to 2019-2020 with new challenges and experiences.  I wish all of you  a fantastic summer! 



You may view your child’s final marks by logging on to the Parent Portal in PowerSchool. 

Diploma Marks
Students will access their final blended marks through Alberta Education’s MyPass.  If your child has not already done so, please have them register to create their login and password and receive their confidential PIN number.  Go to MyPass. Here you will be able to view marks, track graduation progress and order transcripts.

ADLC Course Marks

Each ADLC student has been given an ADLC username and password to access assignment/quiz/test marks.  Please contact Mrs. Chanasyk at for username and password.


Textbooks/Library Books

Outstanding textbook/library book notices are emailed separately.  During July, book returns and or payment for lost textbooks must be made at the office. 


During July, payments will be accepted at the office until July 19.  As a last resort, unpaid accounts may be referred to a collection agency as per school district directive.  We would appreciate prompt response to this request.  Please contact our Office Manager, Karen Tubman at


Timetables for 2019-2020

Students going into grades 11 and 12 have already picked up their timetables and made any necessary adjustments.  If you are in grade 11 or 12 and did not pick up your timetable, you will find your schedule in PowerSchool in mid-August.  Grade 10s and new students will receive their timetable in the mail after the end of July.  If you see a “hole” in your timetable, it is because we were unable to schedule all of your course requests.  We would be happy to help you choose an alternate course.  Based on your final marks, you may need to alter the courses you are taking.  Students are welcome to come to our Student Services office in person on a first-come, first served basis according to the following schedule. 


We will not be scheduling appointments or

making changes via email.


Tues. Aug. 27     Wed. Aug 28   Thurs. Aug 29  Fri. Aug. 30

 9:00-12:00         ---------------      ----------------       -----------------

12:30-3:00           12:30-3:00        12:30-3:00         11:30-1:30

GRADE 10          GRADE 10-12 GRADE 10-12  GRADE 10-12


If you need your timetable adjusted and are unable to come to Paul Kane between August 27-30, please line up outside Student Services on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 3.


Your timetable may change even if you did not request an adjustment.  If this is the case, you should find that the courses are the same, but where they are placed on your schedule is different. These changes are a result of the need to balance class sizes, changes to teaching assignments or the addition of sections of a course to the school schedule.


We will not be adjusting timetables based on student requests for specific teachers.   


Grade 10 & 11 students are required to have full timetables with no spares. In extenuating circumstances, parents are requested to book an appointment with an administrator to discuss a scheduling adjustment.


First Day of School for 2019-2020

Classes will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3.  Students in all grades are asked to be at school for an 8:00 a.m. start.


Locker Assignments for grade 10 students in Block 3

Locker Assignments for grades 11 & 12 in Block 4


Important Information for 2019-2020

There are several attachments to this email containing information pertinent to school start up.  Other documents can be found on our website.  Please take some time to review the following:

  - Calendar of Events 2019-2020

 - District Code of Conduct

 - Drug Free Protocol

 - Protocol Respecting Drug Free Schools

 - Say No to Froshing 

 - Froshing (Assault and Abduction)