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Thinking of Summer School?

A full range of courses is offered and online registration is available on our website. For

further information, contact Shirley Bowles at 780-459-4405 ext 300 or


Vaping on School Buses

There have been recent incidents where students have been caught vaping on yellow school buses. Vaping is NOT allowed in school or on our buses.
Please note: The bus is considered an extension of the classroom, so the same rules apply – if something is not allowed in class, it is not allowed on buses. The consequences for vaping on a bus are the same as those for vaping in class, and could include suspension from school, the bus or both. There are cameras on our buses, which include audio and visual recordings.
For more information about bus safety and rules, please refer to the Transportation Manual on our website at

Grad Banquet Ticket Sales

Ticket sales will take place May 21-27, in the cafeteria after school, beginning at 2:45 p.m.
On May 15 a list will be posted on the office window, indicating random numbers assigned to grads. The order

of ticket purchases will be as follows:
Tuesday, May 21 - #1 - 100
Wednesday, May 22 - #101 – 200
Thursday, May 23 - #201 – 300
Friday, May 24 - #301 and up
Monday, May 27 - anyone who could not attend previously or who wants to purchase additional tickets and/or more than one table of tickets. The cost is $90.00 per ticket. A service charge of 2.4% is added for credit/debit cards. Cash, cheques, debit or credit accepted.

Students may purchase as many tickets as their family requires, but on the first day of sales, will be limited to 10 tickets (one full table – can seat 11 if needed).
Payment CANNOT be accepted in advance or over the phone. Payment will only be taken at the time of ticket purchase – VISA, MasterCard, debit, cash or cheques are accepted. For credit card purchases, only the card number and expiry date are required.
Please bring a list of food allergies or dietary restrictions for your guests with you at the time of your ticket purchase.
Tickets can only be purchased after all school fees have been paid and all outstanding textbooks/library books have been returned or paid for.


School Fees

Invoices for outstanding fees will be emailed separately. Items such as sports fees, clothing, field trips, etc.
may be added to your child’s account throughout the year.
Online payment is encouraged, however cash, cheque, credit or debit payments are accepted in our office. Outstanding accounts may be forwarded to collections in July. Please contact our Office Manager, Karen Tubman, to discuss payment arrangements - 780-459-4405 ext. 330 or 

Payment for lost textbooks must be made at the office.



For more information visit the Useful Links Tab on the PK website. Students should also check the daily announcements for information and deadlines.



Every school day an automated phone message and email message is sent via School Messenger if your
son/daughter has been absent for any part of the day. School Messenger allows parents to respond directly to attendance calls, emails or texts. Please contact Shirley Bowles at to update your demographic information to ensure optimal use of this system.