Mathematics Program


Say yes to extra help! Take Math PLUS in the same semester as your 10, 20 or 30 level math course. Give yourself more time and support to meet your math goals.

Math 10-3 (5 credits)

This course sequence is ideal for students entering trades or the workforce immediately after high school.


Math 10C (5 credits)

Students choosing 10C have two sequence options going into grade 11: 20-1 or 20-2. These sequences are ideal for students considering post-secondary studies in most colleges and universities.




For Entry Into

Designed For

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Many apprenticeship programs and the workforce.

Students interested in trades or direct entry into the workforce.

This sequence aligns with entrance requirements for many trades programs, specifically levels one to three.



Many programs at universities, colleges, and technical institutes including some apprenticeship programs - e.g. Arts programs.

Students interested in careers in a wide variety of areas.

This sequence is designed to fill the needs of most students.

This sequence provides students with a high degree of flexibility in terms of changing course sequences at both the grade 11 and grade 12 levels if the student's interests change.




Post Secondary programs at universities, colleges, and technical institutes that require further study of mathematics - e.g. Engineering, Mathematics, Sciences, Business.

Students interested in careers emphasizing mathematics or sciences.

This sequence is

  • a co-requisite for Mathematics 31
  • designed for entry into post-secondary programs requiring the study of calculus.