Maki(NG) Science Fun

Maki(Ng) Science Fun

The third Wednesday of each month Mr. Michael Ng will be a guest on Global TV...

 September 2018...

July 2018...




June 2018... 



May 2018...Water suspension

April 2018...Changing colours using acids, bases and CO2


March 2018... Fire triangle



February 2018...Sticking your tongue on a cold metal pole




December 2017 - The Water Wine Glass Xylophone

Michael Ng demonstrates how sounds can be created because of the vibrations of air and water molecules against surfaces.  Performing a Christmas Jingle!




November 2017




October 2017 and September 2017




July 2017 - summer students head outside for an explosive experiment



June 21, 2017

May 17, 2017...Why does diet soda and mentos cause an explosion?