Maki(NG) Science Fun

Maki(Ng) Science Fun

The third Wednesday of each month Mr. Michael Ng will be a guest on Global TV...


January 2018...How do cold packs work?




December 2017 - The Water Wine Glass Xylophone

Michael Ng demonstrates how sounds can be created because of the vibrations of air and water molecules against surfaces.  Performing a Christmas Jingle!




November 2017





October 2017 and September 2017




July 2017 - summer students head outside for an explosive experiment



June 21, 2017

May 17, 2017...Why does diet soda and mentos cause an explosion?









With Halloween only a few weeks away Michael decided to focus on some spooktacular fun. John from the “School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” also joined in to discuss their annual event.


Michael Ng talks about polymer thermodynamics and the science behind what causes chip bags to shrink in a microwave oven.  Don't do this at home!