Library Renos!

Library Renos!

 It started out as a request for a new circulation desk.... 

For those who attended Paul Kane High School in the past, you know the circulation desk and shelving were still the same as they had been in the 1970's.  The computer desks were falling apart, and there were wires and extension cords everywhere.  It became difficult for the staff to make things look new and exciting.  Libraries are supposed to be the forefront of the school, so, we decided to take action! 
After a serious talk in November, 2015, it was decided that we would just start with building a new computer-friendly circulation desk.  But then, if we moved the circulation desk, we would need new carpeting. If we were going to replace carpeting, then, it would be a good opportunity to paint the walls.  And as renovations go, in the end, the decision was made that it would be a good time to do a makeover on the entire space!

Colours were chosen, vendors and contractors were selected, and by the time classes ended on June 15th, work started in preparation for a summer renovation to finish just in time for the August 31st start to the school year.  

The renovation, after painting, carpeting, new wiring, new circulation desk, new mobile shelving, new computer lab desks, the installation of an 84 inch 4K HD interactive TV, phone charging station....... it has all been a big hit with students and staff alike.  There are still a few odd tasks to be completed, but library technician Sylvia Smith and library assistant Margo McNamara are now firmly convinced they work in one of the most attractive libraries in the district.

Many thanks to our district facilities team, and the staff and students who helped with the project; it was hard work made a little easier by their contributions!