Gwynne Dyer ~ Megan Ferguson

Gwynne Dyer

On November 26, a group of about two hundred social studies students from Paul Kane had the privilege to listen to a presentation by Gwynne Dyer. Dyer is a journalist who started his career as a history major in Newfoundland. After writing about the Arab-Israeli conflict for London newspapers, he decided to give up his teaching job and become a journalist full time. Now, he occasionally travels around to schools, giving presentations on the conflicts in today’s world, and Paul Kane was one of the schools he could come to.

At the presentation, he talked about the Arab Spring Conflict, which is a rising issue in today’s world. Many of the countries in the so-called Arab World have been staging revolutions over the fact that they either do not have a democracy, or that their democracies are incredibly corrupt. Dyer stressed the importance of the use of non-violence while “fighting” a revolutionary battle, and explained how it kept the majority of the protesters safe from the military just letting go and shooting them all. Dyer explained the complex politics, and by the time he was done, almost all of the students went back to class with a new perspective on the strength of the human will. He was an inspiration, and we were all incredibly lucky to have heard such a great speech on something so important that affects our lives today.

Megan Ferguson