Grad 2018 News

THE BIG DAY - JUNE 2, 2018

2018 Grad Presidents -  Hana Gallant and Megan Shigeta

Grad Fashion Show - Check out all the pictures in the gallery below

Grad Ceremonies:

• The 54th Graduation Commencement ceremonies will be held at the Shaw Conference Centre at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018.

You must arrive by 8:45 a.m. so we can line up the grads alphabetically, and allow time for your family to take photos.

• No tickets are required for the morning ceremony. You may bring as many guests as you would like. The doors will open for general seating at 9:15.

Grad Banquet:

  • The Grad Banquet and Dance will be held at the Shaw Convention Center on Saturday, June 2rd, 2018.  All guests should be there by at least 4:30 p.m. as the evening events begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.  The dance will be held following the banquet. The order of events include: toasts and speeches, grad song, dinner, historians, slide show, grand march and then the dance.

The banquet ticket sales will take place May 7th to 11th, 2018 in the PK cafeteria. 

There is a policy at the SHAW Conference Center: Table sittings must be groups of 8, 9, 10 or 11 (tables cannot be fewer than 8 people).  If you have fewer than 8 guests you will be seated with another family (see below).


This is how the ticket sales will be organized:

On May 2nd, Ms. Dodd will randomly number students #1 to #330.  The list will be posted on the office window.

Students will purchase their tickets after school in the cafeteria on a specific date assigned to their random numbers as follows:

Monday, May 7th #1 to 50,

Tues May 8th, # 51 to 150,

Wed May 9th #151 to 250, and

Thurs May 10th #251 to 330.  


Friday, May 11th tickets sales are for:

- anyone who was unable to purchase tickets on their assigned day

-those who want to purchase additional tickets at their table

-those who want more than one table of tickets, and want the tables to be near each other

-grad friendship groups that want to group their tables near each other


If a student is purchasing a table of 8, 9, 10 or 11 tickets, they purchase their tickets on the day assigned to their random number.

If a student is purchasing less than 8 tickets, they can join together with another student to make a table total number of 8 to 11 tickets, and, the two students together purchase both sets of tickets on the day assigned to the student who has the lowest assigned random number.  


(Example: Terry wants to purchase 3 tickets and is friends with Jamie who wants to purchase 6 tickets.  Terry's random # is 125 and Jamie's random # is 250.  Both Terry and Jamie can come together on Terry's ticket day, Tues May 9th, and both purchase their tickets at a shared table.) 


(Example:  Bill wants to purchase 5 tickets and has not found anyone to share a table with.  Bill comes on the date assigned to his random number and chooses a table.  I will find another student to share a table with his family.) 


If students want tables near each other, they should wait and purchase tickets at the time assigned to the student with the highest number, or purchase tickets on Friday, May 11th.


(Example:  Jane wants to purchase 8 tickets and Bill wants to purchase 10 tickets. They want tables near or next to each other.  Jane is number 48 and Bill is number 175.  Jane should wait for Bill’s random number 175 and they can both purchase tables near one another. Or they can both wait until the Friday ticket sales to purchase.)


·       The ticket price for the graduation banquet is $90.00 per ticket. 

·        We have never had to limit the number of tickets purchased, but initial sales will be limited to one table per grad (10 or 11) until everyone has had a chance to purchase tickets.  Students requiring more than one table of tickets can purchase additional tickets beginning on Friday, May 11th.

·        All school fees must be paid before grad banquet tickets can be purchased, and any overdue texts must be returned and/or paid.

·        Tickets may be paid by using VISA, MasterCard, Interac, cash or by cheque. When paying by debit or credit, an additional surcharge of 2.4% is charged.

·       Food allergy information will be taken at the time of ticket sales, so please be sure your grad knows this information about your guests.  The main course is “chicken”.   Vegetarian meals are available but must be requested at the time of the ticket purchase.


There are NO refunds after tickets are purchased, so, please be certain of your numbers.  If you are unsure if a guest can attend, let Ms. Dodd know at the time of ticket purchase and she can ‘save’ a spot at that table for purchasing later on.

If you have special circumstances requiring a split table, students can discuss this with Ms. Dodd when purchasing their tickets. 

Grad Photos

Grad photos and retakes will take place at Paul Kane on April 4, 5 and 6 and are available now for online booking. For online booking go through Icon at:   If a student is having retakes the student must return their original sample sheets and Icon does a new set of photos at no charge with the originals being deleted or pay an additional $30.00 fee and be able to keep and order from both their first and second set of photos.

Grad Ring Orders

Grad rings can be ordered online.  Pick up a catalogue in the office.  Click here for a look at some of the items in the brochure. 

Grad Baby Photos

Grads can send their baby photos (ages 0-3) to  Be sure to include your FULL NAME with your picture.   


Diploma Exam Information

Diploma Exams are administered to students in select grade 12 courses and have three main purposes: 
• to certify the level of individual student achievement in selected grade 12 courses; 
• to ensure that province-wide standards of achievement are maintained; 
• to report individual and group results.
Diploma Exams are administered annually in January, April, June, August, and November according to the schedule posted in the General Information Bulletin
Students can try out the released questions from previous Diploma Exams that are located at https://questaplus.alberta. ca/PracticeMain.html
Approximately 3 weeks after the administration of Diploma Exams, student results are available on myPass at

More information and resources for Diploma Exams are available on the Alberta Education website at



All students should be registered with Alberta Education on to see their report of credits earned, check final course marks, order transcipts, order diploma exam re-writes, and check qualifications for graduation.   Students will need to know their Alberta Student Number when registering on myPass, and can stop by the office for their ASN, or any help registering on myPass. 
For assistance with myPass from Alberta Education, contact the Client Services Help Desk at 780-427-5318.
The deadline to register for November diploma exam re-writes is Monday, October 3rd, through myPass.  Contact Ms. Dodd if you plan to write a November diploma exam.

Graduation and Beyond


Grad clothing - purchase your PK clothing until October 20
Garage Sale - October 20-21

Bake sale - October 23-27 and December 18-21

Cookie Dough - November 6-20
Meat sales - April
Outdoor sports event - May

Bottle drives - ongoing through the year

Krispy Kreme Donuts - April
Games night - March 16