Global Languages

Global Languages & Culture


A variety of language courses are offered, recognizing that students have differing levels of proficiency and experience in a second or third language.

  • Students registering in French are assumed to have studied French for 3 to 6 years and to have completed Grade 9 French. Beginning French students should discuss their registration with the Department Head.
  • Students who register in Japanese 10 or Spanish 10 are assumed to have no previous experience with those languages.

Course Challenge Policy 

Course challenge is a provision that allows senior high school students to challenge the expectations for a course by participating in a formal assessment process, rather than taking the course. Course challenge is for students who believe that they already possess the expected knowledge, skills, and attitudes as defined by the Program of Studies for a given course. 

Course challenges are intended:

  • to meet the diverse needs of students,
  • to encourage students' ownership of their learning,
  • to acknowledge the learning that students acquire in a variety of settings not necessarily limited to schools.

To begin the process, the student will obtain an application form from the subject Department Head to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned by the due date.  The due date for course challenge is announced in the daily school announcements and written on the application form.


Courses Offered


French 10, 20, 30, 31
(5 crédits chacun)
Les élèves continueront leurs études en français oral et écrit, en avançant vers un niveau de compétence élevé. Le cours French 31 permet aux élèves de continuer leurs études post-secondaires en français.

French 10, 20, 30, 31
(5 Credits each)
Students will continue with their studies in spoken and written French advancing to a high level competency.  Taking French 31 will allow students to proceed to post-secondary studies in French.



Japanese 10, 20, 30
(5 Credits each)
Using Japanese culture as the vehicle of instruction, classes focus on speaking, reading and writing Japanese characters.



Spanish 10, 20, 30
(5 créditos cada uno)
Una variedad de actividades en el salón de clase, incluyendo proyectos, dramatizaciones y juegos, ayuda a aumentar las aptitudes orales y escritas de los estudiantes y su conocimiento de la cultura hispana.

Spanish 10, 20, 30
(5 Credits each)
A variety of classroom activities including projects, skits and games help students increase their proficiency in oral and written Spanish.