Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Visual Arts

Art 10, 20, 30 (5 credits) - $20 Fee

Drawing, painting, sculpture and contemporary art techniques are explored. Emphasis is on awareness of natural and created environments and developing art skills .


Art 31 and 31AP (5 credits) - $50 Fee

These courses allow students to expand their artistic expression. Students in Art 31AP submit their portfolios to the College Board for evaluation.

Performing Arts

Drama 10/20/30 (5 credits)

This program addresses four disciplines of communication: movement, speech, improvisation and acting. The drama program is an intensive experience that encourages personal growth.


Advanced Acting 15/25/35 (5 credits)

Students will gain actual experience with a touring production, from audition to curtain call.


Directing (3 credits) (offered outside regular timetable)

Semester one: students will audition, choose a play, develop artistic ideas and cost a show.

Semester two: students will direct their performance at the One Act Festival.


Technical Theatre 15/25/35 (3 or 5 credits)

Students are members of an actual technical stage crew. This course is for students who are interested in being technicians for bands, disc jockeys, television, film and theatre.


Musical Theatre 15/25/35 (3 or 5 credits) - $40 Fee (offered outside the regular timetable)

Integrated studies in dance, drama and vocal music. For students who seek to participate in the performance of a large-scale musical in January at the Arden Theatre.


Choral Music 10/20 (3 Credits)

Students learn vocal techniques and sight reading through a repertoire including sacred, secular, pop, rock, and world music. Performances are mandatory and tour is optional.


Choral Music 30 (5 Credits)

The 30 level course is allotted the same class time however a major project outside of class is also required.


Instrumental Music 10/20 (3 or 5 Credits) 30 (5 Credits)

Students must have prior knowledge of an instrument in the brass, woodwind, or percussion. Performances are mandatory and tour is optional. * Instrument Rental available: $55.00


Rock and Pop 15/25/35 (5 Credits)

Offered to students with experience on any instrument. Topics covered in this course include performance, stage etiquette, industry basics, recording, and song structures. Instruments are not provided (with the exception of drum kits). Tour is optional.