Fee Information

Fee Information

Check PowerSchool for your personal invoice. 

Invoices for school fees will be sent sent out in the fall for the 2016-2017 school year.




Students will be issued their Students’ Union photo ID card upon payment of fees, including the SU fee. A “reminder” invoice will be sent in October for fees that are outstanding at that time.


If paying the entire amount at once is not financially feasible for your family, you may choose to divide the fees into manageable payments and send a series of post-dated cheques. Cheques will be kept on file and deposited as the date comes up. If you would like to discuss payment arrangements, please contact our  Accounts Manager, Shelley Murray at 780-459-4405 ext. 306 or Shelley.Murray@spschools.org  to discuss payment arrangements.


Please note:

  • Grade 12 students have been assigned a Commencement Fee that offsets the cost of graduation ceremonies at the Shaw Conference Centre. Returning Grade 12 students who have already graduated may delete this fee.
  • Music students have been charged an Instrument Rental Fee. If your child has his/her own instrument, please delete this fee.