Clubs at Paul Kane


Tuesdays & Thursdays @ lunch

Room 202 (Meek)


Creative Writing

Fridays @ lunch

Room 176 (Power)



Enviro Club

Wednesday after school

Room 203 (Savich)

FNMI & Friends

Every 3rd Thursday @ lunch
Art Room (Knoll/Hewitt/Spence)

Games Club

Everyday @ lunch | D & D on Mondays

Room 145(Andreychuk)

Interact Club

Room 169 (Olasker)

Wednesdays @ lunch


PK People of Science Club

Thursdays @ lunch

Room 209 (Regimbald) 

Paul Kane Service Club

Tuesdays @ lunch

Room 143 (Schaar-Ney)

Philosophy Club

Room 169 (Olasker)

Fridays @ lunch

PK Slam Poets

Meetings every Monday from 2:30-4:00 pm 
Room 168 (May Healey)


SAGA (Sexuality And Gender Acceptance)

Wednesdays @ lunch

Room 214 (LeClerc)

Sequential Art Club 

Fridays @ lunch and after school
Room 147 (Mazurok)

Students' Union

Mondays @ lunch

Room 164 (Lockhart/Shamchuk/Fulton)



Thursdays @ lunch
Room 113 (Runge/Mazurok)

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