Our Team

The Paul Kane Cheer Team is a multi-purpose team, performing at school events, cheering at senior football games and competing against other cheerleading team from across the province!
From September to October our team focuses on perfecting basic cheerleading skills and getting ready for football season! The team learns crowd involvement cheers and several dances that are performed at half-time during the football games. Attendance at football games will continue as long our team plays!
In October our training focus shifts to competitive cheerleading. Our team begins to master advanced skills to be used in the two-and-a-half minute routine that we will take to competition! The routine incorporates a combination of acrobatic stunting, dance, jumps, a team cheer and gymnastics.
Our cheerleading team is open to both boys and girls. Athletes who are chosen for our team are expected to attend one open gym night per week at a local gymnastics or cheerleading gym, in addition to team practices three times a week. The team will practice Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays as well as a Saturday practice once a month. All practices and performances are mandatory for all athletes. Those athletes who are chosen will be expected to juggle their school and team commitments.
We look for cheerfulness, team-work and a willingness to work hard, as well as physical skills like strength and flexibility. Previous cheer experience is not required.




Social Media Links

Instagram: @paulkanecheer


Facebook: paulkanecheerteam/?fref=photo#


Twitter: pkcheerteam


Important Dates

Cheer Constitution

TryOut Application

Cheer Pamphlet

Significant Awards

~  ACA Suporting School Spirit Award, 2014, 2015, 2016

~  2nd Place at Alberta Cheerleading Championships, 2016

~  3rd place Cheerific Western Cheer Challenge, 2016

~  2nd Place Athabasca Cheerfest, 2016

~  Third place at the Sea to Sky Cheerleading Championships in Vancouver, 2015

~   Second place at Athabasca Cheerfest, 2015

~  Fourth place at Alberta Cheerleading Championships at WEM, 2015

~  ACA Sportsmanship Award, 2013 & 2014

~  Best Novice Team, ASAA Cheer Provincials 2014

~  Fourth place, ASAA Cheer Provincials 2014

~  Teams Sportsmanship Banner, ASAA Cheer Provincials 2014




Go to:  Metro Edmonton High School Athletic Association

  • Paul Kane High School is a member of the MetroAthletics and all of our schedules are posted there.
    Check out the schedules, results, and team standings.