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Change for Africa



On Thursday, Nov 17, the Change for Africa Group was recognized at a celebration in Lacombe by A Better World for raising over $100,000. In the picture representing Paul Kane are Grace Silver, (former student) Nicholas Silver, Briar Huculak and Aiysha Mitha with me and Eric Rajah, founder of A Better World.

September 2016

The Club started in the 2008-2009 school year and to date we have raised just over $100, 000.

We have completed the Igonke School, Ndanai School, Malé School, Maternity Clinic and the classrooms for Kipkerimwo.

This year we would like to raise funds to provide a water well for the Kipkerimwo Community and also help with collection of rain water by providing solar panels and water tanks.


Above:  Where people presently get their water.

Below:  Water wells, solar pump, piping, tanks, kiosk for selling water.
LAST YEAR’S  PROJECT: The Kipkerimwo Classrooms.
After construction of the new school building


  • New KIPKERIMWO classroom has been completed and another will begin this summer.
  • Thanks you to everyone for supporting the Change for Africa club in raising $4300 this year.
    Presenting a cheque to Eric Rajah from A Better World for the building of KIPKERIMWO school in Kenya.


    This year we were raising funds for KIPKERIMWO school in Kenya. We have held cupcake wars, a student (Aulden) raised money by setting up a community dance and we have also collected every last Tuesday of the month and raised $4300.


    Eric Rajah was here June 14, 2016 and the students presented a cheque to him. He told us that one of the classrooms is well on its way to be completed and hopefully by the end of this summer four more classrooms will begin construction. The Change for Africa Club has been able to build four schools and a part of a health clinic in Kenya in the past seven years. We have raised over $100,000 affecting many lives in Kenya.


    We hope to continue this tradition next year with new students in grades 10 and 11 joining us in helping us build another school in Kenya.


    Painting almost complete at the Kipkerimwo school...


    We have been fundraising for the new school in KIPKEREMWO, Kenya this year. The construction for the school building has begun. The parents and students of the community are very excited and are helping build the road that leads to the school and the school itself, as shown in the pictures.
    • We have held a cupcake contest and have been collecting money on a monthly basis and have raised almost $1500 so far.
    • Our next fundraiser is the Valentine’s Day Candy Grams. We will be selling them at lunch February 8-10.
    • The final  fundraiser this year will be our SILENT AUCTION that will be held on JUNE 4, 2016 at the Grad Banquet.


    September 2015

    Change for Africa is a club that has been fundraising since 2009. The intention of the club was to help bring sustainable change in developing countries. As a group we chose to work in Kenya in helping build schools and facilities to allow children to have a better chance at education. Since 2009, we have helped build the Ikonge School, Ndanai School, Malé School, and a Maternity Ward in the Masai Mara Region in a clinic that serves over 1000 people.

    This year we have an enthusiastic group again that would like to help build classrooms for a school in KIPKERIMWO, Kenya. Kipkerimwo is a KG to grade 8 school with a student population of 800. It is located in a rural area of Kenya. The classrooms are made up of sheet metal and dirt floors. The school has only 2 toilets to serve the 800 students. Many girls in these areas do not attend school after a certain age due to the lack of proper toilet facilities.
    • Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to help build the classrooms and toilets. Our donation will be matched one- on-one by another donor from Red Deer. Watch for announcements about fundraisers to help out!




    • Thank you to everyone involved with PK PLUGGED last week.  The event raised $914 for Change for Africa. This will help us buy new beds for the maternity ward that we helped build in Kenya.

    • Thank you to everyone for supporting Change for Africa this year. Almost $7000 has been raised for the Mara Sopa Maternity Clinic in the Masai Mara region of Kenya. The group presented a cheque to Eric Rajah, who runs A Better World charity.



    The Change for Africa group has been busy collecting items for the Silent Auction that will take place on MAY 8, 2015 at the GRAD BANQUET. This is our big fundraiser for the year and we hope that we are able to reach $7000 at the end of the year.


    So far we have collected almost $2000. The MARA SOPA Maternity Clinic in Kenya is almost completed. We will also be helping in providing a water well for the clinic.


    If you interested in donating items to the Silent Auction, please contact Ruby Solomon at the school.


    Some pictures of the newly completed clinic at the SOPA MARA CLINIC in Kenya!



    "This link along with the pictures below will give you an update. The clinic is progressing well. We are building 2 small rooms but will add 2 more and equipment with your partnership. Thanks.  Eric"



    Donors from A Better World Canada discuss why they donate.


    November 2014

    This year the Change for Africa Club will be raising money to help build a MATERNITY WARD at the SOPA MARA CLINIC in Kenya.


    In the month of December, we are planning on collecting gloves and toques and donating them to a local charity.

    October 15, 2014

    October 15, 2014

    I, Eric Rajah, had a chance to visit the Mara Sopa Clinic project on 15th October 2014. The foundation of the new clinic is in progress.  Above are photos of the project progress.



    The Change for Africa Group began in September 2008 with a group of 8 students that were excited about raising money to build a school in Kenya, Africa.

    • To date we have raised almost $70,000 and have completed 3 schools in Ikonge, Ndanai and Malé.
    • Last year we raised over $7600 that helped complete the Malé project.

    This year there are 20-25 students that have joined the group and are very keen in helping raise funds for needs in Kenya, Africa.

    • We met with Eric Rajah on October 6 and as a group we chose a new project.
    • Our new project is going to help complete the construction of 2 maternity wards of a hospital that serves over 10,000 patients that live in the Masai Mara region of Kenya. Most women will walk 8-32 km to come to the hospital to deliver babies.
    • We hope to raise enough funds this year to complete this project.

    Our goal is to collect $1.00/student per month…this should help us raise almost $10,000.

    We would greatly appreciate your help in helping us fundraise for this project this year.


    Please contact Ruby Solomon (Club Advisor) if you require additional information at Paul Kane at 780-459-4405.

    We have had a very successful year (2013-14) again!

    Our Silent Auction at the Grad Banquet brought in around $4000 bring our total to approximately $7700 for the year. This will help us complete the Malé School in Kenya.


    Last year we raised money for the Ndanai School (before and after pictures below) and the classrooms have been completed this year.






    Thank yous to everyone who supported our cause.  We are hoping to start a new project in September 2014.


    Cupcake Wars held Wednesday, May 14th raised $162.00 towards school in Malé, Kenya.  Pictures at the end of the Gallery slide show below.


    If the video above doesn't show try this link please:

    Semester 2:

    We will be collecting "change" on the last Tuesday of the month in BLOCK 4 (after lunch). 

    Semester 1:

    Change for Africa has been able to collect just over $3000 in the first semester. Thank you so much for your support.

    December 2013 Update:

    Change for Africa has completed two major fundraisers this semester. 

    • The Cupcake Wars was a big success as we were able to raise $238...that is we sold 476 cupcakes!!
    • Our Classroom Competition ended on December 17th and we were able to collect $751.74 which when added to the previous amount of $622.26 gives us a total of $1374.
    • Mr. Price's music class won the contest by raising $285.

    Thank you to everyone for supporting the building of a school in MALE (Mah-lay), Kenya


    October 2013:
    • Class competition (Block E/F) for raising funds for Change for Africa begins
    • We will be raising funds for building a school in Male (pronounced Mah-lay), Kenya 
      • This will be our 6th year of running the Change for Africa Club. We have raised just over $65,000 and have completed TWO schools and supplied water wells to TWO communities in Kenya. A job well done by the students and staff of Paul a very BIG Thank you to all of you for supporting us.
      • We met with Eric from A Better World on Friday September 20 and presented a cheque to him.

    July 2012

    For the last five years Change for Africa has been raising funds to help construct classrooms in Kenya. This past summer 16 of us joined A Better World and travelled with them to Kenya to see the schools that we have been fundraising for. Ten grade 12 graduates (Mallory McNiven, Haley Humphreys, Jordan Waddell, Bree Garska, Noelle Appleby, Kyra Parayko, Stephanie Bolduc, Ryley Fuller, Ian Garland, Landon Prokop),  three parents, and Liane Madsen and I left on July 11th for Nairobi.



    We spent the first two days in Nakuru, where we got to spend some time at EAMO (East Africa Mission Orphanage). Our students were able to spend some quality time with the children. Some of the students helped repair roads while others took the new orphans shopping for necessities.




    We also spent some time with Alice and Evelyn, PK’s sponsor children from St. Anne’s Orphanage.




    We then drove to Kericho and stayed there three days. We went to Ikonge (the first school that we helped build) and were welcomed by the community with song and dance.




    We were able to open another classroom complete with electricity!



    We visited Ndanai School, which we have been raising funds for in the past year. The students were part of the ground-breaking ceremony and laying of the first brick to start the school building.











    We then drove to the Masai Mara and visited two Masai schools, Loigero and Irbaan. The students were able to witness the Masai culture and joined in the song and dance ceremonies. Students that were interested in the medical field spent a day at the Local Medical Clinic.



    On the last two days we were able to go on a safari and enjoy the great open savannah. (View the pictures in the gallery below.)

    The trip was a life-changing experience for all of us. We all came back with a greater appreciation for where we live and how much we take for granted but more importantly we realized how important it is to give to those that don’t even have their basic needs such as clean drinking water and health care.

    The Change for Africa Club will continue its mission this year by raising funds for Ndanai and completing the project.
    Ruby Solomon - Teacher Liaison