Careers & Post Secondary

Careers & Post Secondary

How to help fund your education

Canada Student Loans and Grants

may be available for your post-secondary education. There are many links available on the website, or your provincial student financial assistance office, or the National Student Loans Service Centre.

What is t2u?

T2U is an online workshop designed to enhance the first-year experience by familiarizing students with parts of the university culture before they attend their first year. If you have ever wondered about what the U of A is like or worried about getting lost on campus, where to meet people, how to deal with the stress of university exams, this course will give you the answers and start you on your way. Check out their link at for registration information.

Post Secondary Resources

Looking for more post secondary resources? We've got it.

The Paul Kane High School Awards, Bursaries, Scholarships, Student Loans booklet is also available and loaded with information listed according to deadline dates.


Also, the Government of Alberta has a listing of Alberta scholarships administered by Student Aid Alberta.

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