Welcome to École Secondaire Paul Kane High School

From Advanced Placement® to Rock and Pop. from French Immersion to English Language Learner classes, mix and match programs to achieve your goals.


82% of Paul Kane student received the Rutherford Scholarship in 2018

As the largest French Immersion school north of Calgary, we are a dual track high school where students can take their core courses with English or French as the language of instruction.
Helping each student to know that they are welcome and that they belong at Paul Kane is important to us. Developing a sense of confidence and competence towards learning is what motivates our classroom practice. Paul Kane is a place where students are heard, honoured, and belong.


Paul Kane offers the 10-1, 20-1, 30-1, along with 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 and 14, 24 level courses in all subject areas. Students can also enroll in the following special programs:

    • Advanced Placement
    • French Immersion
    • Work Experience
    • Registered Apprenticeship Program
    • Sports Medicine
    • Advanced Endurance Training
    • OnSIDE
    • Advanced Carpentry


    Paul Kane students achieve excellent results in regular English courses and in the French Immersion program, the Advanced Placement program, enriched studies and our fabulous Fine Arts program.

    We have strong athletes and the many sports teams wear the Paul Kane colors with pride, enjoying success at provincial, national and international levels.

    Join a club or take part in activities like the dodgeball tournament, musical theatre, PK Plugged, leadership and community service opportunities, or join our high spirited and dedicated Student Union.